No matter where you stand on certain issues, I think we can all agree that SOME things should be free for every single person on the planet.

But what would you choose if you had the power?

Let’s take a look at what folks had to say about this on AskReddit.

1. A big one.

“Education, so children and adults who are not able to go to school or afford to can now do so.”

2. We need it.


It’s already free in my country, but I want people in all the world to be healthy.”

3. Housing is important.

“Based on my narrow view of the world, housing is my biggest expense. So based on that logic, housing would make the biggest difference.

Although, if you consider Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, physiological needs are more important.”

4. Sounds great.

“Electricity, thru sustainable fusion energy, that actually produces more energy than used to start and maintain the reactor / reaction.”

5. Okay!

“Does it have to make sense?

Then a public beer fountain in the middle of every Mormon church.”

6. Yes, please!

“An hour of massage and an hour of any type of counselling/therapy per month per person, on top of basic necessities.”

7. Freedom!

“The freedom to exist however you like.

Example, freedom to exist free from assault/imprisonment/general bad stuff that people do to other people.”

8. That’s a good one.


I don’t have children, but I think making diapers free would positively affect most of the families in the world.”

9. Just end it.


I shouldn’t have to lose so much because my ex is a cheating piece of s**t, nor should anyone else.”

10. Nice choppers.

“Dental care.

It impacts the body so much and bad teeth can destroy confidence.”

11. Up to the individual.

“Free s**cide chambers.

This is an important issue I think. Alot of very unfortunate people want to end it all and their attempt fails and they wind up maimed or brain damaged and worse off than ever.

Not to mention the old folks who are forced to whither away and d** a slow painful d**th. There should be an inexpensive, 100% effective solution for people who want to commit s**cide so that they can end their life on their terms.”

12. Agua.

“Free water.

That’s not all I would change but its probadly the most important and a step in the right direction.

F**k you, Nestle.”

What do you think about this?

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