If you’re a dog lover, then I’m totally preaching to the choir…

But I’m gonna preach anyway, friends!

Having a dog is one of the greatest gifts you can have in this life. They’re loyal, they’re loving, and they’re also totally HILARIOUS.

Is there really anything out there that you’d rather look at than dog posts?

I think we all know the answer to that…

Enjoy! And give your dog a pat on the head FROM US.

1. They do need constant attention, don’t they?

You bet they do!

Photo Credit: someecards

2. Get on that Facetime!

I’d say they’re both pretty happy.

Photo Credit: someecards

3. This would be my ultimate dream.

Can you imagine spending your days like this?

Photo Credit: someecards

4. You don’t have to tell me twice.

Can you take me higher?

Photo Credit: someecards

5. Thief! But you can have it anyway…

How can you say no to that face?

Photo Credit: someecards

6. Say it loud! Say it proud!

This man is speaking the truth.

7. Like a good parent should.

Keeping a watchful eye.

8. That is kind of terrifying.

Don’t do it again!

9. I think you know which one your dog is going to choose.

Always hit RED.

Photo Credit: someecards

10. He’s just THAT good.

Receiving constant praise from you.

11. Let us pray.

This dog is leading the ceremony.

12. Oh, Coop! You did it again!

But you’re still a good boy!

Those posts are hilarious!

And now it’s your turn!

In the comments, share a photo of your dog and introduce us to them.

Please and thank you in advance!