If you’ve spent enough time around toddlers, you know that they can definitely be a major handful.

They’re stubborn and they try to do things their own way a lot of the times. Which leads to constant clashes and hilarious/challenging moments for parents.

And for us too, because parents of toddlers love to share this kind of stuff on Twitter, where we can all read it and laugh at them! Or with them, depending on which way you look at it…

Whatever the case, enjoy these funny tweets about raising toddlers.

1. You’ve created a monster!

Oh great…we really have to talk about this now?


2. Let’s shift our attention to this other issue.

Wouldn’t that be nice?

3. You’re always on clean-up duty.

Pretty much for the rest of your life.


4. The roles have been reversed.

What do you think about THAT, kid?!?!


5. Pretty much sums it up.

I thought that was for me?

6. Don’t lie about it.

Who doesn’t want pizza at all times?

7. There’s no escape now!

What the hell is that kid talking about?

8. Not hard at all.

Wait a second…

9. You can handle that.

I’ll get right on that.

10. You’re gonna be having cold coffee for a few years.

So you’d better get used to it.

11. It’s gonna be a long night…

Tomorrow sounds like it’s gonna be rough.

12. That escalated quickly.

Thanks a lot!

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