Even if I won a BILLION DOLLARS, I don’t think I’d ever buy some huge compound with tens of thousands of square feet.

What do you do with all that room?

I don’t get it…

I think I’d rather have a cozy bungalow with a nice backyard and a pool…and a bowling alley in the basement…

Now let’s see what AskReddit users had to say about this!

1. Good answer.

“Any food involving gold leaf.

It’s so stupid.”

2. Just a label.

“Expensive designer brand clothes.

I’d pay extra for good quality, materials, and features, but never just for a label.”

3. LOL.

“A blue checkmark.

Imagine buying a single blue check mark from twitter when tumblr sells 2 blue checkmarks for the price of one.”

4. Over the top.

“A mega yacht.

Seems like all the uber rich folks feel the need to buy one.

Just a big, stupidly expensive, constantly in need of work and maintenance, money pit.

Status symbols are dumb.”

5. What’s the point?

“$20,000 handbags.

Heck I wouldn’t even buy a $1,000 handbag.

What in the world is the point?”

6. Get lost in there.

“A huge house.

Like I’m about to search 13 bathrooms, 23 bedrooms, 12 kitchens, 2 ballrooms and the owlery for a cat to bring to bed for some snuggles.”

7. Not gonna happen.

“I’m not donating $2 when grocery store asks me if I want it contribute.

I will donate my own money on my own terms.

Retailers can f**k off.”

8. Thank you!

“Anything the Kardashians try selling me.

Or any other similar “influencers”.”

9. Blood diamonds.


They are all blood diamonds no matter what the DeBeers cartel wants you to think.”

10. HELL.

“A luxury cruise.

My idea of Hell.”

11. Rescue them!

“A dog from a breeder.

I legitimately cannot bring myself to look anywhere but a shelter.”

12. Butterfingers.

“An iPhone.

I’m clumsy and it’s simply not worth it.

Probably will take the billion dollars just to repair it.”

13. No need to get fancy.

“Not buying a luxury car.

I might buy a few model year newer version of my current car, but not buying a Tesla, Rolls Royce, or anything like that.”

Now it’s your turn!

Tell us what you’d never buy even if you won a billion dollars.

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