America…you’re about to be showered with praise today!

Yes, we hear all about the bad things that the U.S. is responsible for, but sometimes it’s a good thing to focus on the positive.

And today is that day!

Check out what AskReddit users say America does THE RIGHT WAY.

1. Out in the wild.

“Long hiking trails and wilderness areas.

I hiked the Pacific Crest Trail this summer. Most folks who I met on the trail were international hikers, too.

And a lot of them went through hell to secure a B2 Visa this year just to come over and walk this 18″ strip of dirt from Mexico to Canada.”

2. You’re probably right.


I always say that if libraries didn’t exist and someone came up with the idea today, that person would’ve be laughed out of town.

Libraries are a throw back to an era of community that no longer exists.”

3. Should be proud of it.

“Disability access.

The ADA quietly makes millions of American lives better every day, with very little fanfare.

It is something every American should be damn proud of, yet few realize the extent of its power and influence.”

4. Amazing.

“National parks.

Roosevelt’s administration realized what a treasure of diverse geography we have in the USA and claimed these beautiful areas as national parks.

Truly a treasure.”

5. I really gotta go!

“Free public toilets.

I never knew pay toilets existed until I left the US.”

6. They are great!

“The post office.

Knock them all you want, but the US postal service is simply amazing for what they do.”

7. Nice and cool.

“Air conditioning.

One of my friend’s dad was English, he said he always made fun of our use of AC until he experienced his first Southern summer.”

8. Love it!


Especially the guy in front of his house with a plastic folding table full of stuff covered in foil, and a hand written sign.

Do not pass that guy up.”

9. Comfort food.

“Diner food. Especially breakfast.

It’s unique in its simplicity, ubiquity, (mostly) good quality, and the comprehensive range of items. You can walk into a diner in any town in America, any time of the day or night and get presented with the same 5-10 pages of menu options you’d see anywhere else.

No matter what you were hankering for, it’s on the menu and you’ll be eating within 10 minutes of ordering. It’s a good quality, predictable, satisfying and cheap meal you can find anywhere. The epitome of Comfort Food.”

10. Best of the best.

“I’m surprised no one has mentioned Scientific Research yet.

USA as a country is miles ahead of any other. Sure, you have one off universities who do good research outside of the US, but the sheer volume here is amazing. Look at the list of Nobel prize winners by country.

Silicon Valley for tech, Boston region for medicine. It’s mind blowing how the US research infrastructure attracts and retains talent.”

11. USA!

“Free Refills, Barbecue, Burgers, Turning Right on Red.

And Drive-Thrus.

12. Spooky.


I once saw a story about some teens from Germany that came to the U.S. just so they could go trick-or-treating here.

I thought that was kind of cute.”

What do you think America does the right way?

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