Every family is weird.

Even if you don’t think your family is weird, trust me, they’re WEIRD.

And these people were brave enough to go on the record and admit the odd things their families like to do…

Let’s take a look.

1. Killer Dad joke.

This guy is good!

2. This is amazing.

I wish I’d thought of that!

3. Not the right time!

Humiliation overload.

4. I want some of this!

This is my idea of Heaven.

5. For weeks?

Seems a bit over the top…

6. Hahahaha. Zing!

I don’t think Mom likes this one.

7. That shirt rules!

And you look very angry…

8. Mom for the win!

Hey, she knows how to have fun.

9. She knows what she’s doing.

And we’re here for it!

10. Very odd…

But, to each their own.

11. Poor guy.

No one told him…

12. It’s a big day!

You gotta get ready…

What kind of weird stuff does your family do?

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