Is being stuck at home 24/7 driving you and your family up the wall? You are not alone, my friend…not by a long shot.

People all over the country are now homeschooling their kids for the first time and they’re figuring out that it is a tough job. Actually, a VERY tough job.

But it looks like you need a little break from the madness.

We’re here for you! Now go on and enjoy these memes!

1. That escalated very quickly.

Hey parents…are you snapping this easily?

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2. These kids have some serious nerve.

They knew they’d be discovered and now there will be HELL TO PAY.

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3. Why is no one talking about this?

It’s ugly and it’s gonna get uglier.

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4. Not only workin’ 9 to 5 anymore.

This schedule is not sustainable for anyone…

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5. I’ll take it from here.

These are all going directly into the trash from now on.

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6. You’re gonna need all that vino.

Kids, this is how much mommy drinks when you really make her upset.

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7. Like a bunch of chirping birds.

Parents everywhere are slowly unraveling…

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8. They learned it from watching you!

At least try to hide it from them.

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9. And off they go…

Running all over the house…just please don’t drop the iPad.

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10. Afraid of the lunch lady.

She has a mouth like a sailor.

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11. Slowly becoming evil throughout the day.

If you know what’s good for you, DO NOT mess with them.

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12. Talk dirty to me.

I’ve heard about these things called “naps…”.

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How do those memes sit with you? Good stuff, right?

Now we’d like to hear from all of you out there. In the comments, tell us how you’re doing with teaching your kiddos at home.

Give us the straight dope!