I think we’re well aware at this point that people in the world rarely – if ever – agree on anything at all.

Except dimples. We all love dimples no matter where they are and no matter how many a person has – they’re adorable.

Back dimples, though, are a bit different from the rest. They’re not due to genetic makeup (it’s more of a lottery you win), and they have some benefits beyond making other people swoon with a simple smile.


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They’re also known as “Dimples of Venus,” and are two small indentations just above your booty cheeks.

Officially known as sacral dimples, the depressions lie on either side of the spine, connecting the pelvis’ iliac bone to the spine’s sacrum. Though this is the area where many people experience back pain, doctors are fairly sure that the dimples are in no way associated with a higher risk.

They’re distributed fairly equally among males and females, and most people have them from the time they’re born.


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“Venus” dimples are considered special for both scientific and colloquial reasons. As far as the latter, they’re said to bring blessings and good luck.

Which also correlates with the former, which is that the tiny indentations often double as erogenous zones – which seems pretty lucky to me!

Their connection to a robust and healthy pelvic region is likely to thank, and some lucky partners refer to them affectionately as “thumb handles.”

If you have them and want to make them stand out, staying at an ideal weight is the best way to make that happen.


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Exercise won’t give them shape on its own, but it you focus on your back and spine, maybe pick up yoga, and lose any excess weight that’s hanging around your lower back and hips.

Have you seen these? Do you have them? Tell us in the comments about your exciting and sexy life with dimples!