Many dads try DIY projects at home for their kids. But Matthew Cosman pretty much locked up the “Dad of the Year” award for 2020 by taking his jungle gym project to gigantic proportions.

While most kids would be satisfied with the run-of-the-mill swing set, Cosman’s kids got much more than that. In fact, the dedicated dad constructed a massive 14-meter dinosaur jungle gym that looks like museum-worthy.

Photo Credit: thecauseman

“I really did this and shared it for fun. I fabricate for a living because it’s my passion—I make fun things for me because no one will pay me to build these crazy things. I do have a history in aerospace engineering, so that played a big role here,” explained the dinosaur-inspired dad.

So how did this awesome dad accomplish this impressive build?

The project included a variety of materials, including structural steel and wood, foam, chicken wire, paint and concrete…lots of concrete. The masterpiece turned out 48 feet long, which seems pretty lifelike.

Photo Credit: thecauseman

For science enthusiasts, the body of the massive dinosaur appears to be an Apatosaurus, which lived in the late Jurassic period. Of course, the 14.3-meter long creation has tons of fun features to keep Cosman’s kids entertained. Those include swings on the tail, rock climbing handles, rope and monkey bar handles and a crow’s nest on the neck.

This incredible DIY project didn’t pop up overnight, either. Cosman explained that it took years and more than $10,000 to build the one-of-a-kind jungle gym.

Photo Credit: thecauseman

And he’s not done yet. Cosman said he’s working on a robotics piece for his house, though his new projects won’t be nearly as large as the dinosaur outside. He sure seems like a Dad of the Year lock to me.

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