Sometimes we get so wrapped in our own lives and we have our eyes glued to a computer or a phone screen so often that we forget how the incredible this planet can be.

We are surrounded by beauty and nature and animals on all sides, but unless we’re actively seeking it out, we become oblivious to all the great things that are right under our noses.

I feel like the photos you’re about to see are the kind that we should seek out and look at every once in a while so we can truly appreciate how amazing life can be and how humans are just a small part of the planet. The animals are actually running this place, we’re just here taking up some of their space.

So get away from the rat race for a few minutes and enjoy these amazing pics of HUGE animals.

1. That thing is HUGE.

3,000 pounds, right there.

Tagging and blood tests for bison. Just to give you an idea of how big they are, this male weighs around 3000lbs.
byu/hootersbutwithcats inDamnthatsinteresting

2. I didn’t know they were that big, either.

Were you aware of this?

I never knew what absolute U N I T S Clydesdales are until I saw this picture.
byu/kaywhyesay inHumanForScale

3. He looks like a gentle giant.

And I do mean GIANT.

Minazo the Southern elephant seal was known for his blue bucket, he lived in Japan’s Enoshima Aquarium until his death in 2005.
byu/970souk inelephantseals

4. Wow! That is enormous!

Kinda cute, though.

Giant African Land Snail
byu/sverdrupian inHumanForScale

5. That thing would take your arm off.

Don’t make snapping turtles upset!

🔥 A full size snapping turtle compared to what most people think is a full size snapping turtle 🔥
byu/AntiSocialBlogger inNatureIsFuckingLit

6. A very large pooch.

And, by the looks of it, a pretty nice one, too.

My dad and my dog (dad is 6’2″)
byu/ScottPuppy inAbsoluteUnits

7. Just so you realize how big whales are.

Pretty insane…

A whale skull with a human for scale.
by ininterestingasfuck

8. Dangerous or not, I wouldn’t get near that thing.

That is absolutely horrifying.

Believe it or not, this is one of the least dangerous spiders we have in Australia
byu/PineappleDildo inWTF

9. A hammerhead bat.

A creepy animal, indeed.

This is a hammerhead bat and is by far the creepiest animal I’ve seen.
byu/AestheticPurrfection inpics

10. The size of a tiger paw.

Wouldn’t want to run into this thing in the wild.

The size of a tiger paw compared to a man’s hand. 🔥
byu/cHoGbOrTSwIzArDhOmE inNatureIsFuckingLit

11. That thing is a SALAMANDER.

My mind is blown.

The critically endangered giant Chinese Salamander (largest salamander and amphibian in the world). It apparently sometimes smells like pepper and makes noises that sound like small children. Scientist for size-
byu/paradoxicaIIy_ inHumanForScale

12. Those folks probably got a bit of a scare.

Let’s hope the tour guide knows what he’s doing…

The size of this croc jumping out of the water
byu/In-Jail-Out-Soon inpics

13. This is awesome!

But…I wouldn’t want it inside my house.

PsBattle: A big, fat, nasty looking caterpillar [1363 × 1145]
byu/Shappie inphotoshopbattles


Now we want to hear from all of you out there.

In the comments, share some interesting facts or photos about animals that you think will blow our minds!

Thanks a lot!