Now, here’s something I think everyone is gonna love!

Everyone seems to be fighting and arguing online and in-person about a whole bunch of issues right now, so we’re gonna spread some happiness and kindness in the form of a dog with Mickey Mouse ears!

Goma is an adorable pooch who lives in Japan and has gained quite a following online because of her ears that resemble a certain Disney character who we all know and love.

And in case you were wondering, her name, Goma, translates to “Sesame”. Is that cuteness overload, or what? I think you know the answer to that question.

Enjoy these adorable pics!

1. Get a load of her!

This is beyond cute.


2. Getting outside.

And enjoying a little bit of nature.


3. Ready to go for a stroll?

By the way, can we mention her EARS again?


4. Smile nice and big!

She’s very photogenic.


5. When she was just a pup.

Very cute.


6. Getting ready for Halloween.

Well, I think you’re gonna nail your costume.


7. Which one should I choose?

Let’s play a little game.


8. Hanging out with a friend.

Looks like a good time!


9. I wouldn’t be able to resist petting her if I saw her on the street.

I don’t think you would either…let’s be honest.


10. All kinds of treats!

You must have been a good girl.


11. You’re already a big star!

We’ll be following all your adventures on Instagram.


Isn’t she adorable?

Sure she is!

Now we want to meet your pups!

Share a pic with us in the comments and introduce us to your furry friends!