Getting children to eat new or healthy foods isn’t always easy, Junk food companies market processed foods to children on a regular basis, and it can be hard for parents to have time to prepare fresh meals every day.

But one Instagram account is trying to help parents navigate this common issue. Jennifer Anderson, Master of Science in Public Health, is using her skills to help parents present food to kids in new ways.

Here are a few strategies she shared!

10. Carry Healthy Snacks

Many of these are pretty healthy!


9. Make It Cute

Presentation is key!


8. Keto Isn’t For Everyone

Talk to your doctor, of course. But otherwise, this general advice can help.


7. Introduce Dips and Cheeses

They’re okay in moderation—and with veggies!


6. How to Discuss Weight

Children are quite sensitive to the topic.


5. Find Age-Appropriate Portions

Children and adults have different needs!


4. How to Motivate Yourself

Don’t dwell on past failures!


3. Make Compromises

Don’t include large candy bars. A tiny bite is enough.


2. Discuss Halloween Treats

And find a rationing system that works for both of you.


1. Teach Awareness

This helps your child pay attention to their own needs.


These tricks won’t solve every issue, and they don’t substitute medical or professional advice. Finding new ways to talk to children about food is still a great idea though.

Do you find any of these helpful? If so, feel free to share your thoughts in the comments!