One thing in life is certain…people are strange.

And that goes for their taste in home design and decoration, as well!

I guess you can really learn a lot about a person by stepping foot into their home…and that isn’t always a good thing. Some things are just better left undiscovered…

Are you ready to see some weird interior design choices? Well, have at it!

1. I’m dying to know who lives here.

I’m guessing a single man in his 30s…just a hunch…

8000 Magic cards covering 39m²
byu/Polkasalsa inATBGE

2. I hope you don’t try to go down there after a few drinks.

That might get a little dicey.

3. You just have to live with it.

Be careful on those things!

Is it possible to change this?
by inCarpentry

4. Can this be considered false advertising?

How much does this place cost a month?

Studio Apartment
byu/flytraphippie inBadInteriorDecorating

5. Are you ready for a classy night?

This is gonna seal the deal, baby.

Lattice on the ceiling, pink champagne on ice
byu/wills2003 inRidiculousRealEstate

6. Let me tell you about the history of this house…

I think this is gonna be a hard sell.

Scene of the crime
byu/flytraphippie inBadInteriorDecorating

7. Enter into a whole new dimension.

Just like a hamster wheel.

Planet of the Hamsters
byu/flytraphippie inBadInteriorDecorating

8. Have a seat!

This just seems like a really terrible idea.

Knit picking
byu/flytraphippie inBadInteriorDecorating

9. Well, now I’m really confused.

Don’t make me read while I’m trying to walk up the stairs, please.

Step single a just with begins journey every
byu/YepYepYepYepYepUhHuh indontopendeadinside

10. See if you can actually make it to the shower.

It’s like an obstacle course!

Found on real estate listing: interesting bathroom layout…
byu/pigeonherd inCrappyDesign

11. We can fix that…

Better than nothing, I guess…

When you forget about the vents
byu/Poortio inBadInteriorDecorating

12. A hard NO on this one.

But…you wouldn’t have to leave your living room.

No. Just no.
byu/flytraphippie inBadInteriorDecorating

Okay, now it’s your turn.

In the comments, share some pics of some more interior design fails that really made you cringe.

We can’t wait to hear from you!