I think I’m sitting on the fence between introvert and extrovert.

I like to go out and socialize from time to time, but other times I’m fine with being by myself for days at a time.

But there’s no doubt that there are a lot of introverts out there…and we should do our best to find out what makes them tick.

What irritates you the most as an introvert?

People shared their thoughts on AskReddit. Let’s take a look.

1. Weird.

“People not knowing what introvert means and thinking it just means shy or quiet.

People treating it like a disease. I had to sit through a presentation at work that was literally called “How to work with introverts.””

2. Not my style.

“I don’t care for clubs. Yes, I’m bored. I told you I h**e clubs. I h**e dancing. No, I won’t dance. You cannot comprehend how much I h**e to dance.

F**k y’all, I’m going to the quiet bar across the street to watch the football game I was planning to watch tonight at home.”

3. Bad scene.

“I’ve been to a couple parties and honestly I can think of so many things I’d rather do. Especially when it turns to s**t as parties and drinking usually does.

People have wanted to fight me just because I don’t engage with them or walk away, because they can’t understand that someone doesn’t find their bulls**t amusing.”

4. I’m not laughing.

“Forcing me to laugh. I remember back in 2nd grade when the teacher tries to crack a joke to break me. She always does it every class. Everyone was in it. That includes the minor subject teachers.

It’s f**king irritating. They even called me a “k**ljoy” for not laughing like WTF can’t you at least come up with a better joke that is not cringe? And even if its cringe, I could still laugh depends on how the person delivers the joke.”

5. Got the better of you.

“If I’m knowledgeable about something, I like to make it known — especially if it makes me right. BUT as an introvert, I second-guess my knowledge so much, that I just move on and hope someone else points it out.

And then it sits in my brain for the rest of the day because I should have said something, but my social anxiety got the better of me.”

6. A big one.

“That I have to explain and convince my family that I need some alone time to recharge.

One Christmas a few years back, I was with the family on my dads side. I spent most of the day playing with my cousins young children (basically my nieces), my cousin and aunt spent most of the day in the kitchen cooking and tidying, my other cousin, dad, and uncle were all playing games or just chatting.

I love my nieces, but they were like 3 & 4 at the time (maybe even younger). Keeping them entertained and out of the way was absolutely exhausting and draining (emotionally and mentally).

We left my cousins and went back to my aunts (where me and my dad were staying). I said my goodnights, went to my room and played my 3DS to chill for a bit.

The next day my dad asked me why I disappeared that night, I said I was just drained from the day and needed some time to recharge. He didn’t get it and seemed to think it was related to depression (which I’ve dealt with in the past) and said I should go to the doctor.

I nearly lost my cool at that. I had to explain very politely why that wasn’t the case, and why I was more tired from looking after two toddlers than he was from drinking and talking most of the day.”

7. Leave me alone.

“When I was a young man, I got into the habit of lying to my friend because he simply couldn’t take no for an answer.

He finally caught on and called me out on it, and I pointed out that he wouldn’t take a f**king no as an answer in the first place.

Yes, I like hanging out with you, dude. But sometimes I just want to f**king read my book with a cat on my lap and a pot of tea and brandy.”

8. Work issues.

“When you’re literally sitting there, reading a book, but because you’re in the break room/kitchen/etc, they think you should be available to be talked at.

I mean, I’ll talk if you need to, but give me a few minutes to come out of the dream world I was in!”

9. Doing just fine.

“People thinking I’m lonely or depressed because I’m sitting alone at lunch or don’t go out often.

I’m perfectly happy and like being this way.”

10. Advance notice, please.

“When people make sudden plans and get angry when you are not up to going out.

I need time to emotionally recharge.”

11. I’m fine!

“What’s wrong? Are you ok? What’s wrong?

Are you mad about something? Are you sure nothing’s wrong?”

12. All of these.

“Forced/compulsory group assignments/projects.

The obligation to get along with everyone, or at least fake it.

Answering phone calls.

When shopping for clothes, the salesperson coming over to help you.

Entering alone an empty store.”

13. Pretty rude.

“I think when some very extroverted people think they need to put you on the spot and push you out of your comfort zone for “your benefit” and they dont get how much you dont want it.

Like try to force public attention on you, try to force you to make a speech, try to push you to dance, insist you go introduce yourself to people you dont know for whatever reasons, etc.”

14. Networking.

“You can’t even survive, forget growing in your career without so-called networking, no matter how top of the game you are in knowledge and skills.

I’m in scientific research. It sounds harmless when people tell, you need to have a big network of colleagues to get a good job. Does my research papers in high impact journals mean nothing?

Answer is not without friends who lobby for your job.”

15. Jeez…

“I had a roommate who wanted to hang out ALL. THE. TIME.

And got really upset when I often requested down time.

I made time for them but it was never good enough.

Very frustrating situation.”

16. No guilt trips.

“Things like very persistent “ohh, come on, stay with us!”.

If I’m going, I have a reason. I had a good fun, I start to be exhausted so I see myself out to leave with positive memories.

Don’t make me feel bad for it.”

17. What they look forward to.

“Tons of extroverts don’t quite understand that we look forward to our solo time the way others look forward to big exciting events and get togethers.

The idea of staying at home, gaming, and doing absolutely nothing else, is like a dream to me.

When my co-workers would ask what I do on my days off they’d look at me so confused when I tell them stuff like “just chill, watch some movies, play some games, sit on my patio,” and they’d ask me how I’m not cripplingly bored, or why I don’t just pick up more hours since I’m not doing anything during my off time.

Not doing anything is the point, guys. They don’t get that alone time isn’t some boring absence of entertainment, it’s the main event for us.”

18. Take it down a notch.

“When people think that just because I’m an introvert, I don’t like being around lots of people and hanging out a lot.

Only difference between me and my extroverted friends is that I can only recharge my metaphorical batteries alone or with like a single really good friend.”

19. No thanks.

“Small talk.

I can’t do it. I don’t know what to say.

Especially when I’m talking to a stranger. I work retail so sometimes I get those really chatty customers.”

20. All of these.

“Always being pushed to go out and be social

Online dating

Loud talkers who never shut up. Plus people who just don’t shut up.

Awkward silences.”

21. A people person.

“People thinking that “introvert” means “disliking people.”

I love people. I love learning about people.

But I need space to recharge. It’s nothing personal.”

22. We’re all different.

“The assumption that some things are fun for everyone.

Please, let me enjoy my book while listening to the birds in my backyard instead of spending the evening standing next to sweating people in an area that feels way too small for me to be there.

I understand some people love going out, why is it always assumed that everyone does though…”

23. Don’t always need to be talking.

“People who think everyone has to talk all the time to have a good time or be happy.

I actually really enjoy to listen to people’s stories and don’t want to talk so much myself.”

24. Ugh.

“Open. Plan. Offices.

Just let me do my work! I don’t want to have to feel ‘on’ constantly, do the ‘hi’ head nod every time someone walks past me, have my focus broken by having a chat every time someone feels like wandering over.

By the end of the day I’m drained and upset.”

25. A tough one.

“Online dating is TOUGH as an introvert I can’t spark up random conversation so wtf am I suppose to say to you.

I don’t mind I can’t spark random conversation irl but on online dating it just makes them lose interest fast.”

What irritates you as an introvert?

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