Being a dad is a tough job, and a video shared on Reddit recently shows just how challenging it can be, as

Obviously, Reddit had PLENTY to say about this classic Dad solution to a parenting problem.

Photo Credit: Reddit

Reddit is never short on opinions…

Photo Credit: Reddit

So what’s the deal here? Is this dad completely fed up with his daughter or is there some weird parent/kid cooperation going on here we’re just no aware of?

Let’s look at the evidence…

  1. Dad very calmly drags his daughter by the hood of her coat.
  2. Daughter isn’t struggling. Hand folded. Not screaming. Calm too.
  3. Other daughter walks behind them both, with luggage in tow.

Everybody’s happy, nobody’s pitching a fit and they’re getting to where they need to go?

I think we’ve got a clear example of some world-class, A+ Dad problem-solving here!

Case closed!