I have to think that it would be pretty weird to have this kind of information about a friend’s sister and NOT tell them, but that’s just me.

I’m talking about OF pages, where people pay to see revealing photos and videos of people.

Hey, we all gotta make money, right?

But the guy in this story is in hot water for not telling his friend that the guy’s sister had an OF page…let’s see what went down.

AITA for not telling my mate his sister has an Only Fans?

“Me[22m] and my mate[22m] have been mates since we were kids and have always been real tight.

We’re pretty open with each other and there aren’t any secrets in our friendship up until now. Not gonna lie, he’s the golden child of his family and recieves a bunch of support from his parents. His sister is 21f and she cops it bad. They treat her like s**t. Her and I get along well, she’s like the annoying little sister but we’re cool and get along.

About a month ago ago I was on OF because reasons. I came across a profile and clicked on it. Didn’t recognise the name or anything but when I looked at the pics I saw a tattoo I DID recognise that belonged to my mate’s sister “Belle”. There were also other identifying features.

I s**t myself and instantly clicked off the profile. She’s got a fake name on there but there were a few things that identified her. I never would’ve clicked on her profile if I’d known it was her and I wanted to I guess respect her right to be anonymous on the website. I thought about things for a few days and eventually messaged her the following with the intention of helping her out:

“Hey (Belle), this is really awkward for me and I hope you understand that I’m coming from a place of concern rather than anything else. I came across your OF the other day when at first I didn’t know it was you. I clicked off once I realised.

Just a heads up, I could identify you from your tattoos and (other detail) and I’d hate for your anonymity to be compromised if you continue to post since you have a fake name and all.

I’d suggest blurring out these features but if you’re not bothered by this then keep doing what you’re doing, just thought I’d touch base to be safe. I hope you’re doing well and again, I hope you understand that I’m just looking out for your safety. See you soon!”

She replied and was thankful that I pointed that out. She thought her tattoos and other features weren’t unique enough to identify her and she told me that she’ll make a change change. I saw her a couple days later at a party and she gave me a hug and things are back to normal.

Fast forward, somebody else identified her and had been collecting images from before I messaged her up until now. They sent them to her parents. Nobody knows who this person is,they remained anonymous.

Belle’s parents ripped into her and my mate went on a huge rant on Facebook, calling her all kinds of names. I didn’t comment anything other than, “You need to loosen up, mate” but a lot of our friends are on his side saying that they’d be ashamed if she was their girl.

He came over for a few drinks and began to unload on me. I didn’t really react and just kept telling him to calm down. He asked why I wasn’t so surprised and I shrugged and said that a lot of girls have OF now and that it’s no big deal. Eventually it came out that I knew. I know I should’ve kept my mouth shut, but he was suspicious that I kept defending a ‘s**t’.

My mates have booted me out of the group chat now and say that I broke bro code.”

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This reader said that the guy didn’t do anything wrong…but whoever sent those pics to her parents is a big-time jerk.

No doubt about that…

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Another Reddit user made a good point: no one should ever call their sister that dreaded S word.

I can’t even imagine…

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Another person made a great point: this guy isn’t concerned about his sister, he’s worried about his own image.

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Lastly, this individual talked about how strange the reactions from the brother and the parents were and how they had a hard time relating to people like that.


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