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AITA for calling my BIL “a joke of a father” in front of his wife and kids?

“My sister Rachel was married to Daniel (40m) for 8 years. They were highschool sweethearts and they tied the knot shortly after their graduation.

They had a daughter together, Alice (16f), who was Rachel’s entire world. Rachel ended up being diagnosed with cancer when she was a few weeks away from delivery and after Alice was born, she started chemo asap. It ended up being treatment resistant and aggressive, and Rachel ended up passing by the time Alice was 2.

Daniel emotionally checked out completely. He decided to take a job opportunity abroad, and he left Alice in mine and my wife’s custody. At first he said it was temporary, that he just needed to get things in order before Alice came to live with him, but eventually it was obvious that it would be much longer.

He signed his rights over to us, and we’ve been raising her alongside our three sons. As far as the boys are concerned, Alice is their big sister, and as far as Alice is concerned, they’re her little brothers.

Daniel got remarried, and he had two daughters. Alice wasn’t invited to the wedding, we only found out about it after his brother mentioned it to us.

Daniel does send money for her, and they write letters back and forth like he and Rachel used to do in school. I know that there has to be some part of him that loves his daughter, but it’s hard to believe it considering how he practically abandoned her after Rachel died.

Daniel’s brother Wes has helped out a bit with Alice too. She’ll go over to his house at least once a month to see him, his wife, and their kids. A few days ago, I was taking Alice over, and when we got there, we saw that Daniel + his wife and kids were there. I was ready to get back in the car and take Alice home but Daniel saw us and came outside.

He came up to Alice and tried to hug her but she stepped back from him. He looked hurt and when he asked why she didn’t want to give her dad a hug— I snapped. I asked how he could seriously stand there and refer to himself as her dad when all he’s ever been to her is a pen pal. I called him a joke of a father and a sorry excuse for a man.

His wife and their daughters overheard what I said. When Alice and I got back home, Wes called me and left a message saying that he agrees that Daniel hasn’t been the best father to Alice, but I didn’t need to tell him that in front of his wife & their kids. Daniel feels the same way.

I did apologize to Alice for disparaging her father, but she just shrugged and said it would’ve only been disparaging if it wasn’t true.

My wife said she probably would’ve done worse if she’d been there, but part of me does feel that I could have said it out of earshot of his children.”

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