We can all use a little bit of constructive criticism from time to time

But, as I’m sure you already know, a lot of folks are sensitive and they definitely do not like being told they need to work on certain things in their lives.

So did this guy go too far for what he said to his girlfriend?

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AITA for criticizing how my girlfriend takes job interviews? She basically interviews them, and I feel like she isn’t taking it seriously.

“My girlfriend is at a job she can’t do remotely, and we’re planning to move to another state together, so she’s job hunting right now.

Her first interview, she had a call with a top company who’s recruiter had messaged her on LinkedIn. I was expecting her to treat it normally, but she spent an hour grilling the company on its engineering practices then withdrew her application.

And the next few calls with companies she had, she basically grilled them all and decided against moving forward with four of the six.

I told her around then, that I feel like she’s making a mistake, being so picky, and she’s gonna ruin her reputation in the industry if she’s going around taking interviews and cutting the process off early.

She said she wasn’t making any enemies, hell, the companies she dropped had been emailing and calling constantly, wanting to bring her in for another interview or asking her to reconsider. If anything, she was a hotter commodity.

I felt like she was probably still hurting her reputation long term, even if her little power play was working for a bit.

She said it wasn’t a power play, it was professional, she just didn’t want to waste anyone’s time.

But the next interview I overheard started a big argument. One of her final two companies had her taking a Zoom interview and she was laughing it up with an interviewer and he was telling her this story about how he and his coworkers fell off a barge into the river working on a project.

And she just was like “waiiit they had y’all doing that, not tied off to anything? Look as funny as that is, that’s honestly kind of f**ked up they put y’all in danger like that – I’m honestly gonna have to withdraw my application”

She got off the phone and said “D**n, people really tell on themselves if you just listen and smile, did you hear that s**t?” And I said that I thought she ended it a little prematurely, like didn’t even ask if they’d changed anything there, just ended the call.

I said it felt like she was trying to delay getting a new job, was she getting cold feet or something?

She said no, this is literally how people at her level interview, she was serious about the interview process and she wasn’t interested in walking into a s**tshow.

I said that was BS, she was sabotaging herself on purpose basically haranguing the companies who want to hire her on the phone. And she was like “why do they keep coming back for more then? Like I’m critical but I’m not wrong and they know it.”

We had this big fight where she insisted that anyone wo was at her level of a career “interviewed” by interviewing companies to see whether they were worth their time, just as much as the other way around, and I said that was BS. She got mad I was telling her about her own career and said she knew it better

AITA for arguing with my girlfriend about her interviews? I feel like she’s dragging her feet, she says she’s interviewing normally for her field.”

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