Have you ever been to an auction?

If not, let me tell you a little something: they are INTIMIDATING.

People yelling and screaming, all kinds of folks are fired up.

It’s wild!

And this person wants to know if they’re an a**hole for interrupting an auction at their neighbor’s house.

Let’s see what the heck is going on here

AITA for interrupting my neighbours house auction because someone parked in my driveway?

“First – I’d seen the signs out front of there house but didn’t pay attention.

I go out this morning with my family to do shopping. i come home to find my quiet street PACKED – cars both sides narrowing it to one way. I get to my house and someone had parked in my driveway.

I keep going to next door (fortunately i was facing that way).

Auction was in full swing. Agent going mental, scumbags in suits everywhere. I roll down the window and yell “whoever the inconsiderate a**hole was that parked in my driveway better move the F**kin car NOW!”

silence. some old person gets in this s**tty little yaris and moves it. i back into my driveway and into my garage.

About 10 mins later theres a knock on my door. its one of the real estate flunkies who proceeded to chew me out for “ruining his auction” and “costing the neighbour money”

I told him i didn’t give a f**k and maybe they should have given us notice of the auction (we got nothing in the mailbox) and he can just p**s off my property.

My wife says I should have found a park and walked up and asked nicely. I told her nice doesn’t work in this situation. so AITA?”

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And another Reddit user said they’re NTA and they could have called a tow truck…

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