You did what?!?!

It sounds like that was probably this guy’s reaction when he found out that his parents made his brother live in his apartment with him.

But there’s one catch: his parents paid for the place…

So is he acting like an a**hole for moving out?

Let’s see what’s going on here

AITA for moving out of the apartment my parents bought for me after they made me let my brother live there?

“They did not buy it specifically for me. I just didn’t know how to phrase it better.

When I got into university my parents purchased an apartment close to the campus so that I could live my way without having to deal with other people. I’m not social and I could best be described as either a misanthropist or curmudgeonly.

It was great for two years. And I came out of my shell a little. I met other people like me and discovered that, unlike high school, university isn’t hell.

I even met a guy. We both work at the campus store.

My little brother graduated last year and got into the same school. Rather than stay in dorms he convinced my parents to let him move in with me.

Well they own it so I had no say. I lasted one semester. Since he had an off campus residence my apartment became party central. I asked my parents to make him stop after talking to him didn’t work. They said to loosen up. I think they know how to chang my personality.

I talked to the university and was able to snag a rare single room in the mature student dorm. I don’t have a lot of stuff so when we went home for Christmas I took what was really important to me.

My boyfriend, first one ever by the way, look at me all social now, cleaned out my room and moved my stuff to student housing for me.

When we drove back after New Year’s I dropped off my brother and then went to my new place. It isn’t perfect. But it is pretty sweet.

My parents called me and asked where I was. My brother had let them know I wasn’t in the apartment. I told them where I was and why I was there. They were upset that they spent all that money to help me and I did not appreciate it. I said I did. Until they stuck me with my brother.

Without me there he is having a blast. Good for him. He is also missing a lot of classes and has been fined for noise complaints by the condo board. But that’s not my problem.

My parents are asking me to please move back in because my brother is in danger of being put on academic probation. I asked if I was allowed to bar him from having parties and stuff. He was part of the conversation and was upset that I was asking to be put in charge of him. My parents said he was allowed some freedom and that as his big sister I should look out for him and not let him fail.

I thanked them for the opportunity but declined. And he recently had a party that the cops had to shut down. My parents are considering selling the apartment but it’s kind of a c**ppy market right now I guess.

I feel bad that they might lose money after doing something so awesome for me. And I feel bad that my idiot brother might have to take time off school to calm down. But I don’t think I’m the a**hole. They all do though.”

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