Call me crazy, but I think you should ALWAYS help your partner, friend, or family member out if they are injured and having a hard time getting around.

But people are strange…and you never know how they’re going to act…

So is this guy acting like an a**hole to his girlfriend?

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AITAH for not helping my girlfriend when she sprained her ankle?

“My (Fred, 34 male) gf, we will call her Maranda,(33 female) in my opinion overreacts to pain.

She stubs her toe a lot and is always saying how it hurts, she doesn’t ask for help when it happens it just annoys me because she’s clumsy and could just watch where she’s going. Anyways we were outside one night and I have this makeshift step that is pretty flimsy it’s a piece of firewood that’s there until I can get something better.

Maranda used it and it rolled and it caused her to sprain her ankle. She fell to the ground and said it really hurt and it looked like she was about to cry. I told her she would be fine and even when she crawled past me to get inside I did not help because I felt like she was over exaggerating the pain. Well the next day I really looked at it and I do admit it’s bad.

She can’t put any pressure on it. She told me it was really mean that I didn’t believe her or help her in the moment and she left to go to her parents house and hasn’t been back since, saying she needs time to think.

Now her parents are mad at me and our friends also think I’m the ah, but I just don’t see it that way. My sister told me to post on here to see what others would say. AITA?

I might be the AH because I didn’t help her when she fell, but keep in mind she overreacts to pain so in the moment I really didn’t think she needed my help.”

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