The truth, no matter how painful, has to come out sometimes.

And you and I both know that these things are way more complicated when it comes to family.

So is this guy an a**hole for what he told his brother about their father?

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AITA for telling my brother why I don’t talk with our father?

“I (32M) have not a good relationship with my dad (59M) the reason being the pressure he put me on.

If i had anything less than a 90/100 he would be disappointed at me and tell me i was a failure and i would never be anyone in life.

I still remember he and my mom (59F) fighting, she always defended me saying i was doing my best but he would always scream that my best wasn’t enough.

When i was 12 i got 83/100 in a math test and i freaked out. I remember coming home crying thankfully my dad was at work and i begged my mom to not tell my dad.

I guess seeing a 12 year old boy freaking out for a grade that even teacher tough was great was enough and my mom divorced my dad.

I believe that was the moment he understood he screwed up and tried to apologize. My mom always wanted me to have a good relationship with my dad and i would stay with him one week end a month.

At 16 he had my brother with my stepmom and i had to see the same man who call me a failure be the best dad to my brother.

At 18 i cut my dad and his family off with the exception of my grandparents and my uncle.

1 year ago my grandfather passed away and at his funeral i saw my dad and his family, my dad briefly looked at me and then turned his head down in shame.

My uncle came up to me, he said he understood if i did not want to talk to my dad but asker if i would talk with my brother.

I said yes and i met with him outside, we had a great conversation and in the last year he has met my wife and children and we have a good relationship.

A few days ago, my brother asked why i don’t talk to our dad. I told him what i wrote here and more. In the end i told him our dad wasn’t good to me but that did not mean he should stop talk to him.

Yesterday my uncle called me and said my brother and my father fought because of what i shared with my brother.”

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