The controversy over the term “love” is a real thing. What do I mean? Like who you should date. Debatable talk continues as people judge others. This includes couples with different gender identities or sexuality. And even dating someone in your “pedigree”. Come on. Does love really have to be that difficult? Apparently, some can’t get over what other people do.

Anyway, a Twitter user opened up the discussion recently with a pic of Kim Kardashian and the descriptin: “unpopular opinion: relationship edition” And of course Twitter erupted. Everyone has an unpopular opinion of dating. Amirite?


While some of these may not surprise you, others may have the hair on your neck stand up. Ready? Here goes.

10. Don’t rely on your partner for happiness.

9.  Dating should result in marriage

8. Dating should never result in marriage

7. Swinger couples beware

6. Dating can be cheap. It’s all about the person, really.

5. Give your heart a break

4. Save your phone battery. Chill.


3. Don’t be a creeper. Trust is the basis of a successful relationship.

2. Live your life!

1. So they’re saying I still a chance?


Regardless of disagreeing with these posts, love isn’t mean to divide us.

It’s meant to bring us together.