What are you supposed to say when someone asks you to help out with their kids?

And what are you supposed to say if that person is your own sister?

Yeah, that’s a tough one…especially if you have a strained relationship with them.

And a woman who’s having some issues with her little sister wants to know if she’s out of line for not helping out her sister with her newborn twins.

Read her story below and see if you think she was out of line.

AITA for not helping my sister with her newborn twins?

“I am a 26f and I have a younger sister Sadie (19f) and we don’t talk often. She lives in Canada with her newborn twins, Iris and Laila. I moved to England a few years ago to study at my dream university. I ended staying there with my now husband, Lewis (30m).

Sadie got pregnant at 18 with Tyler, her boyfriend at that time. Tyler and his sister ended up in a car accident a few months after she announced she was pregnant. He and his sister didn’t end up surviving the accident. Sadie was very upset during the rest of her pregnancy. My parents were luckily there to help her out.

After her babies were born, my dad was diagnosed with lung cancer because of all his smoking. My mom had to help my dad out a lot and didn’t have as much time to help Sadie with her twins. Sadie reached out to me a few months ago and asked if we could send her some money every month so she could hire a babysitter for her kids and help my dad. Lewis and I agreed since we were financially stable and could afford it.

She was very thankful to us, but a few weeks ago, she reached out again and asked if we could move back to Canada to help with the twins. This time, Lewis and I refused. I feel like it’s too much, we’ve built a life here in England and my husband has a demanding job here and it would take him a while to find another one in Canada.

My mom has sent me a few texts begging for me to come back because they could really use the help. Now, I feel kind of bad, AITA?”

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