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AITA for calling my sister for treating her child better than me?

“My sister taken my brothers and I in when we were just ( 4f 5m 6m) and she was only 19 at the time and did sacrifice a lot for us including her boyfriend she been with since she was 12 who broke up with her when he found out that she’d be applying for custody of us because he wasn’t ready to take on such a responsibility.

My sister at one point in time was working 3 jobs to even be able to provide for us, I never went without food or clothes or even toys.

But the one thing I went without was growing up in a nurturing environment, my sister was always stressed and irritable, I also felt like she had resentment towards us at times for having to be stuck with us rather than pursuing her dreams.

Like for example if we did something as small as spilling a glass of milk or breaking something she’d have an over reaction yell and lecture us about how hard she works to get it and how we need to stop being so careless even if it was just an accident.

My sister is now doing much better in life and no longer have to work and is happily married, she has a 2 year old and is pregnant with her 2nd, I seen how she treats them and I can tell she loves them very much, I even watched her toddler spilled a glass a milk and she was so clam and loving about it, she even jumped on this new gentle parenting trend.

She wasn’t like that with me so I called her out on it in front of my brothers and her husband I told her that it’s unfair that I didn’t get the gentle side of her rather I got the harsh and cold side of her when I (17) was just a child. She was shocked to hear me say that and started crying saying she did her best with what she had.

My brothers surprisingly stood up for her and told me that If she that bad then why am I still living with her and that she was amazing caretaker and took us when our own mother abandoned us so how could I be so selfish and accused her of any less.

It got really contentious so my sister ended up excusing herself to her room but in the end my brother whom I’m really close too are angry with me.

So now I’m here wondering if I was wrong for calling my sister out.”

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