Oh, boy…

This doesn’t sound good.

Because we all know how p**sed off parents can get when their kiddos get off of their nap schedules.

But did this mom take things too far with her child’s daycare staff?

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AITA for getting into a dispute with the daycare staff over my child’s nap schedule?

“Background info: I’m a working parent who values the importance of a consistent sleep schedule for my child. I’ve always been specific with the daycare staff about my child’s nap schedule and needs and it’s important for her health and happiness to have a consistent routine.

My child (let’s call her Emma) has been attending the same daycare for a few months now. I noticed that her nap schedule was being disrupted and I couldn’t figure out why. I suspected the daycare staff were not following my instructions properly.

I decided to set up a meeting with the daycare director to discuss my concerns. During the meeting, I found out that the staff were not adhering to Emma’s nap schedule and were instead trying to make all the children nap at the same time, regardless of their individual needs.

I was furious and expressed my disappointment in the staff’s lack of attention to my child’s needs.

Now, the daycare staff are mad at me and the director thinks I am overreacting. I feel that my child’s well-being and development are being compromised and I am not being heard.

Now the daycare staff are expecting an apology. Did I go too far here?”

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One person said she’s an a**hole and they probably already had this info.

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Another individual said she’s an a**hole and asked if she realizes how this whole thing works.

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And this reader said she’s an a**hole and she should change the kid’s schedule to match the daycare’s.

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