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When you’re not invited to your husband’s family restaurants, something must be wrong, right?

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AITA for eating at the same restaurant as my husband’s family?

“I (32F) have been married to my husband (35M) for 3 years. We dated for 2 years before that. I want to start this off by saying that he really is a good guy in other areas.

My husband’s parents, his 2 brothers (ages 38 and 40ish), and his brothers’ girlfriends/fiancées have a tradition of going out to dinner once a month. I am invited about 50% of the time. I’ve talked to my husband’s brother’s fiancée, and she says she is invited every time.

When I say I’m not invited, I mean that my husband tells me “I’m going to the family dinner. It’s probably best if you sit this one out.” When I expressed that I wanted to come, he told me that it would be for the best if I didn’t. It has caused several fights.

About a week ago, my husband went to a family dinner that I wasn’t invited to. I was very pissed. So earlier that day, I called and made a reservation at the restaurant they were going to. My husband left the house, not knowing about my reservations, and I left 15 minutes after him.

I ended up seated at a table where I couldn’t see his family. So I got up as if I was going to the bathroom and walked right past them. They were all there, including his brothers’ SOs. My husband looked completely shocked and asked me what I was doing there. I told him that I had just been dying for a steak, so I came and got one at the restaurant.

My mother in law said it was very rude of me to interrupt their family dinner. I pointed out that I wasn’t trying to join them, I was just going to the bathroom. I told them to have a good meal and I left. I went and finished my steak by myself.

My husband was really pissed when he came home, and he told me that he couldn’t believe how much of an a**hole I had been. I said that he was an a**hole for not inviting me to his dinners when his brothers’ SOs got to go. My husband said that the decision to invite was between him and his family, and I should respect it.

Anyway, with the way the word a**hole was thrown around, it made me think of this sub. So I wanted to ask if I am the a**hole. Am I?”

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