Call me crazy, but shouldn’t people expect to get wet when they go to a pool?

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But the woman you’re about to hear from got into some hot water when she splashed some other women while at a public pool.

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AITA for splashing women with water at the pool?

“Swimming is my (f31) hobby and how I keep healthy. My favourite swimming pool is local university pool. As a graduate I have access but they also have community hours when people from the town can pay and swim.

It doesn’t do lane swimming but typically everyone knows to stay away from those doing laps. I was doing laps at the far end with the pool wall on my side so I couldn’t move if I wanted to.

I was mid session when two women my age jumped right in front of me and just stood there by the wall on the shallow end. I couldn’t stop in time and pushed from the wall between them forcing them to move aside.

I was being more careful next lap but they just kept standing there. There was plenty of space on the other side of the pool where they could stand and chat without bothering anyone but they chose to stand right in front of me.

So I continued swimming pushing from the wall. If they refused to move, I just turned in water making sure to make a big splash.

I took a break to drink some water and one of them started screaming at me how I got her hair all wet. Told her it’s her fault and continued swimming.

She waited for me in the changing rooms and went on about how I was inconsiderate and I ruined her hair.

I told her to f**k off. She started going off at me and started screaming calling me an a**hole and a b**ch.

I grabbed my stuff and went to one of the cubicles to have a shower and change. When I was leaving they were talking to the manager, one of them was crying about her hair.

I told my sister and she thinks I was an a**hole but I didn’t think so before. Now, with my sister agreeing I worry that I might have been. AITA?”

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