I had a friend once ask me if I wanted to go spelunking (aka, exploring caves) one weekend.

My answer: absolutely not, never in a million years.

I’m claustrophobic and I saw a movie called The Descent several years back that made me never want to do go into a cave.

What do people want to do that you think is really silly?

Here’s what folks had to say on AskReddit.


“For the last 4 or 5 months about 6 or 7 different times my work supervisors/leadership have talked to me about taking a supervisor role.

My wage is the same as the wage of the supervisor role they want me to take.



“Lying to your doctor.

Never do it.

They probably don’t give a s**t, but drug interactions are a bi**ch and your honesty could save your life.”

Not too smart.

“Riding a motorcycle without leathers.

A million things can happen so fast and there you are, sliding down the pavement.”

Wrap it up.

“Having s** with no contraception. I’ve seen too many people having unplanned babies with people they barely know. Bad for the child, the dad and the mom.

Respect yourself and protect your future. Kids are expensive as hell and hard to raise even with 2 devoted parents ask any single parent.”

Not for everyone.

“Go to Vegas.

I’m from the UK and it seems like half the people I know wanna go to Vegas for their stag do, or get married there. Like it’s the mecca of America for an amazing time out but to me it just looks like the worst aspects of America. All gaudiness and financial ruin with no substance.

There’s lots of places in America I’d love to see like New Orleans, Alaska or Yellowstone Park – but Vegas is just absolutely one of the things I think I’d absolutely find boring and awful.”

What’s the point?

“Getting blackout drunk.

If you drink and go beyond being tipsy, what are you doing? You are literally poisoning yourself without letting your body recover. Not only that you are increasing your chance in being in a life threatening situation.

Like whats the point? Sure have a drink, get a bit tipsy. But why are you getting d**nk? Whats the point?”

I’ll pass.

“I used to want to go to Burning Man till I found out that there are no showers and no food vendors allowed.

To survive you basically need to camp and/or bring your own RV with all the amenities you need. And figuring out how to drive your rented RV through the narrow mountain roads to get to the camp site does NOT sound appealing to me.

It also costs several thousand dollars so yeah, I think anybody who goes to burning man is kinda stupid.”

Wild animals.

“Walk up to wild animals and pose/pet/play with them.

That bison is going to plow your s**t over, gore you with its horn, then trample you again for good measure.”

Can cause problems.

“Getting breast implants.

It makes it way harder for radiologists to spot cancers on mammograms.

Why anyone would willingly place a foreign body inside their body is beyond me.”

Over it.

“Theme parks.

I don’t want to spend an hour waiting in line standing next to people, hearing their cr**py opinions and stories.

Just to have a minute and a half of thrill. I have more fun walking on my own.”


“Fight against free healthcare.

It’s never made sense to me. You can be from any political party, have billions or nothing, live on the streets or a mansion… but you’ll still need healthcare. So why don’t we want our taxes to pay for that?

And yes, the level of care and waiting times and blah blah blah. Nothing is perfect when you first start. But work on improving it as we go and 10-50 years it’s great. We could all have healthcare for free that works or we keep arguing and have this same discussion in 50 years while some people suffer.”

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