You see people zoomin’ around on those scooters at the mall and, let’s face it, most of the folks who use them really do need them.

So is it wrong to tell someone who is obese that they need to use one or else you can’t go shopping with them?

That’s the dilemma this woman is dealing with.

Read her story and see if you think she acted like an a**hole.

AITA for telling my friend she either uses the mobility scooter at the mall or stay home?

“A little context, said friend weights 350 pounds. The only reason I know this is because we did that bmi thing on tiktok. Anyways whenever we’ll go to the mall. she’ll continuously make us stop because she’s out of breath and needs to sit. It’s really annoying because it takes the time we have shop.

An not only does she make us sit, but whines about how tried she is while we’re walking. It’s gotten to the point my group of friends and I have been, debating whether or not we should even invite her at all. So I was like you know what would fix this, why doesn’t she just use those mobility scooters.

First, she wouldn’t be as tired and out of breath and second, it would fix are time issue. So my friends and I face timed her and basically told her about our idea and asked if she was down with it. She almost busted a tit over this and went on to ask us if we were saying this to call her fat.

I said no, and that we were asking because we can’t deal with her constant having to stop. An basically how I didn’t get why she was so offended when we were just trying to help. She called us awful people, and started saying how she couldn’t control it because of her weight and we just needed to deal with it.

I went on to say she was being selfish and, asked how was it fair to us we waste all of our time because she makes bad food choices. An said it was either she used the scooter or she could stay home. She went on to cuss me out and hung up.

All my friends think I was being nicer than they would’ve been and they’re completely on my side. My mom thinks I was a little harsh but she said she said she’d probably would’ve also done the same thing.

It got me thinking if I was the actual a**hole here. So AITA?”

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