Everyone’s financial situation is different, but it’s gotta be tough for a parent to tell their child that they won’t help them pay for college.

And this father wants to know if he’s an a**hole for doing this to his daughter.

So is he?

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AITA for not taking out loans for my daughter’s college?

“Okay, so some backstory first.

My wife and I have 3 daughters, 27, 25, and 18. Our oldest two are ours biologically, and we adopted our youngest at age 7 after my sister passed. My in-laws were pretty comfortable financially and set up college savings accounts for our oldest two daughters when they were born.

My parents and her mother and I contributed to these accounts as well, but mainly my wife’s parents. The problem is that my wife’s parents passed before we adopted our youngest daughter, and therefore they did not set up a fund for her. My wife and I created one for her when we adopted her, but with less time and without my in-laws’ help.

When our oldest daughter went to college, she was able to cover 3 years of her education and took out loans for the remaining year. With our second daughter, she went to community college before transferring to a state school so her savings covered it, but ended up taking loans out towards her graduate degree a few years later.

My wife and I have not signed on to any of our children’s loans and have not paid for them. We told our girls that we would only be able to supplement their education from the beginning so it wasn’t a shock.

However, now that it is my youngest daughter’s turn to go to college, her savings will only cover a year of school, maybe 3 semesters. Recently she asked us about loans and it seemed she was implying we would take them out.

We let her know that wasn’t the case, and she confirmed our suspicions by getting angry at us and saying it wasn’t fair she would have to pay so much more than her siblings.

We seem to be at a standstill now, with her refusing to speak to us unless we agree to take out at least part of what she needs, and us refusing. Are we TA here?”

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