I know where I stand on this issue.


I love dogs and I think we should worship the ground they walk on.

There, I said it!

But some people don’t agree with that sentiment…

Do you think the culture of worshipping dogs is ridiculous and over the top?

Here’s what AskReddit users had to say about this.

1. A hot take.

“Don’t get me wrong, I like dogs; I have 2 of them. But they’re not these selfless, perfect heroes who live only to serve the greater good.

They’re individuals with individual personalities. Some are friendly and loving, some are more stand-offish and don’t like people or other dogs very much, and some, like some people, are f**king a**holes.

Some dogs will rescue kids from rubble, some will help stop seizures, and some will bite your feet in the middle of the night because you dared to roll over and rustle the covers.

Some dogs want to play with everyone and every dog they meet. Some will attach themselves to the pants legs of your nice neighbor who was just trying to bring in the groceries, then bark their stupid little heads off at every single person, car, dog, squirrel, or leaf that goes past the window, so you move all the furniture away from the window so she can’t see out anymore but it doesn’t matter because she can still hear the cars and the little f**ker just Won’t. Stop. Barking.

Sometimes they’re lovable friends who want to play all the time. Sometimes they try to bite you every time you sit on the f**king couch. It’s been 12 years, I’m allowed on the couch. Get it through your stupid, grapefruit-sized dog head already!

Anyway, yes, we deserve dogs. Dogs are just people. Some are cool, some suck.”

2. Maybe…

“The “Dogs are better than people” quote are from people who suck and can’t get along with other people.”

3. Bothered.

“I’m bothered by the fact that people seem to care more about dogs than people. I love dogs. I have one and he’s my best friend.

But it drives me crazy that people will go absolutely crazy if a dog is mistreated but people living in poverty, struggling to eat or kids being mistreated doesn’t get the same level of moral outrage.”

4. What did you do?!?!

“I agree with this to an extent.

When I have had a horrible day and I’m crying on the couch with no one around me to talk to, and my dog brings me her favorites duck toy, sets it on my lap, and curls up next to me on the couch I feel like I would do anything for her.

Until the next morning when I find a c**p the size of a football on the only patch of carpet in the house.”

5. Interesting.

“In many places in the world stray dogs are high in volume and problematic, in other places they eat them as food.

Dog obsession is very popular in North America but you see less of it when you travel.

I prefer Japan’s approach to dogs. Make them very expensive and not convenient to own thus only people who are committed to owning dogs will go and do it.”

6. Over the top.

“I have a coworker who treats his dog like a child.

Like to the point where we get updates on his little dogs activities every day. I don’t even talk about my human children as much as he talks about his dog.

He even has the dog in the camera during team meetings.


7. Personality crisis.

“People who think liking dogs is a personality trait are the f**king worst.

It’s an immediate left swipe for me whenever I see a person who doesn’t own a dog talk incessantly about them or have some bulls**t line in their profile like, “Probably will just date you to get to meet your dog.”

And I have a German Shepherd.”

8. Stop the gatekeeping.

“Same goes for the superiority complex with people saying dogs are better than cats or any other animal pet.

Stop gatekeeping pets and let people enjoy what they want. Different animals suit different people differently.

Not everyone likes the same thing.”

9. Can be a**holes.

“I’m on my second rescued male chihuahua and both to a point behaved badly (well the first one passed after 13 years of psychological warfare, and the second one we have now is better after years of patience but if you p**s him off he’s peeing in your drawers or shoes or something).

I’m not sure why I continue to do this to myself going on 20 years of chihuahua ownership- they have a lot of personality that I dig and are high energy and will play and I get a kick out of the looks I get as a dude with such a small dog.

But chihuahuas can be outright a**holes if you don’t know how to work with them.”

10. All different.

“Every single animal has its own personality.

Not all cats are the same; not all dogs are the same.

And people who buy designer dog breeds. You have no idea what this dog’s personality is going to be like and that is the actual only important thing to know when adopting an animal.

You just want it to look a certain way. No.”

11. Wow.

“Unpopular opinion: I don’t like dogs at all.

They’re cute in pictures but I h**e being around them.”

12. Get over it.

“Doggo, pupper, woofer, fluffer, fur baby, dog mum and the terrible memes like “I don’t care about you, let me pet your dog” are so cringe.”

Do you think this is out of control?

Are you part of the cult?

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