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AITA for backing out of my dad’s wedding because of a joke he made?

“Growing up it was pretty clear that my parents weren’t happy.

They have nothing in common and he always seemed miserable when he was home. He lived and breathed his job (neurosurgeon) He was an ok dad, pretty bad husband, and when I was a senior in high school he left my mom for his affair partner “Abby” who was also a surgeon at the hospital.

My mom was humiliated and it took her a long time to heal emotionally. My brother and I didn’t talk to my dad for about a year and slowly have resumed contact. He proposed to Abby nine months ago, and while I saw it coming, it still felt like a blow and I was upfront about I don’t know if I want to go to the wedding or not.

He’s been with Abby for almost three years and he acts like a totally different person. He is like a giddy teen and it’s really weird to watch. Objectively I get that she is much better for him. He had nothing in common with my mom, and he needed someone who was more “driven and passionate”.

Also my mom hated all of his hobbies (camping, hiking, beach) because she didn’t want to get dirty, and they just weren’t compatible. Abby is a bit more of a tomboy and they do everything together. He’s really happy and I guess I’m happy for him.

I recently visited them and agreed to go to the wedding. My dad and I had a private talk and I said I will never fully forgive him for cheating, but I can see that he is really happy. He said he wishes the best for my mom, he didn’t understand how important compatibility was when he was young, and then he laughed and said and if they didn’t want him to cheat he wouldn’t have a bed at work.

This pi**ed me off, because from other jokes I’ve heard (from a mutual friend, not him) The two of them were f**king around at work, hopefully not in the hospital, but it just reminded me of my mom being the last to know, and how he always couldn’t wait to go to work.

I snapped at him that he is such an a**hole, can never resist the urge to make dumb jokes (he teased way too much when I was a teen and it effected our relationship) and said I wasn’t going to the wedding.

I stormed off and he just texted me sorry and nothing else. abby sent me a long message about how it was a pretty tame joke and just his personality and I’m being too sensitive. she asked me to reconsider. The wedding is the end of January, so I don’t have much time to decide .”

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