If you get your brother expelled, I would think that you’d probably expect some fireworks…

But what if you feel borderline guilty about what you did?

And here lies the conundrum that this young person finds themself in.

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AITA for getting my brother expelled?

“I (17) am LGBTQ, specifically bi.

I’ve been out for 3 years, and although my family could be better, they’re pretty good about not being bigoted around me. Well, everyone but my brother, ‘M’.

M does not hide the fact that he’s homophobic. From saying “You shouldn’t have come out to your 13 year old brother, I’m just going to make fun of you.” to calling me a “Hag-F**”, it’s really, really obvious. I spend as little time with my brother as possible. He does not get in trouble at home, because my parents see it as normal teenage boy behavior.

Last week, my brother walked into my room bragging about how he made a funny joke in class. I asked him to go in detail, and he basically said “Oh, I called the tr**ny ‘the last gender-bender'”. I was infuriated. I told him to get out of my room and that he was going to be sorry for what he did.

I then emailed the principal of his middle school, and told him what my brother said to me. I also told him how my brother called the nonbinary teacher at his school a r*tard, and how he has told me that he “hates all the gay kids at school.” I was fed up and felt like my brother deserved punishment

Now, my brother has been expelled, and my parents are really mad at me. They said that I did it because I felt slighted that he never got in trouble at home, and now he can’t do school sports next year or qualify for the reduced college program my school district has.

So, am I the a**hole?”

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