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What do you do if you commissioned a piece from an artist…but now you want their signature removed from the work?

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AITA for asking an artist to remove their signature from the art I commissioned?

“I found an artist I really enjoy and commissioned them recently. I want to preface this with the fact that everything went extremely smoothly so far.

I am very happy with the outcome and the art is exactly what I pictured. Only one issue though. They left their signature on it. To be fair, it is small, off to the corner, not very noticeable.

I just feel that it is unprofessional, as I commissioned them the artwork does not belong to them anymore. I asked if they will remove it for me and they seemed kinda annoyed and asked me if I read their TOS (admittedly, I skimmed), where it apparently states that they will not remove their signature.

I told them what I said above, which is that I own the art now. They then told me I somehow don’t and then quoted me a HUGE markup price for “commercial rights” and they only remove their signature for that purpose. I said I don’t need commercial rights and tried to compromise by offering to send them $5 to remove it (which is utter bs in the first place, I shouldn’t have to pay extra for this).

They refused and I had essentially told the artist that if they don’t remove it then I will simply photoshop it out myself (considering that it’s mine, I can do what I please with it). They then informed me that I will be blacklisted from commissioning them if I do so. Spoiler alert, I did it and now i am not to mention blocked from then as well.


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