To move in or to not move back in…that is the question.

Have you ever faced the dilemma of moving back in with your parents before?

I think a lot of us have…but this teenager said no and now they want to know if they’re an a**hole.

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AITA for not moving back home with my parents?

“My (18M) parents planned on being a child free couple, but because of religious beliefs they kept me even if I was an unwanted pregnancy.

I don’t remember when exactly I was told, but I always knew that I would be expected to move out as soon as I reached 18 years old. I have been working and saving since I turned 13 and have a respectable amount in a savings account.

Now to be fair to my parents, they provided for me financially, they were distant emotionally but they have never been abusive.

A week before my 18th birthday (January 13th) they sat me down and asked if I have found a place to move into yet. I said yes and that was the extent of the conversation.

I was planning to live in an apartment with 4 other guys, but a friend’s family heard about it and offered me their finished basement with separate access for a very cheap price ($150 a month utilities included, no down payment required). So I jumped at the opportunity even though I know it is a pity offer. It is relevant that both his family and mine are of Indian descent.

I moved out the day after my birthday and my parents haven’t contacted me since. I admit that I did not reach out to them too.

Yesterday my dad called to invite me to dinner. It was awkward even before they asked me to move back in, said I don’t have to pay them rent or anything. But here’s the thing, I like my new living situation, it lacks the awkwardness and tension that I didn’t even know was there untill I moved out.

When I said no, politely at that and thanking them for the offer, my mother started crying and left the room, while my dad started scolding me and saying that their friends are excluding them because of the “rumour” that they threw me out and another desi family had to take me in.

I said that that was exactly what happened, and it isn’t my job to save them from the consequences of their actions and decisions.

Now my whole extended family is calling me nonstop and saying I am being an AH.


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