I’d say you’re a pretty darn good parent if you don’t let your kid get married while they’re still in high school…but what do I know?

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AITA for ‘forcing’ my son to wait to marry his then high-school girlfriend?

“I (f50s) have 2 sons, Dan (m22) and Sam (m27). Dan started dating ‘Fran’ in their junior year.

Towards the end of senior year, Dan came to me and said he wanted to marry Fran. At the time, Dan had multiple college options which he was going to decline to stay in our town and marry Fran. I obviously didn’t support this, I wanted my son to go to college and knew he wanted that too as he’d always been ambitious.

I told my son that he had his whole life ahead of him and he could get married later, but didn’t need to rush it. I told him that if he went to college and waited, even just a year or two, I’d pay for his tuition. At the time I didn’t know how serious their relationship was as they’d been together for a little over a year, and was scared it wouldn’t work out and he’d waste this opportunity. My son happily accepted this offer and agreed with me that it would be best to wait.

This year my son graduated college but maintained a long distance relationship with Fran, and they announced their engagement a couple months ago. We were all ecstatic about it.

Sometime between then and now, my son told Fran that I was the reason he waited until now to propose. I wasn’t aware until Christmas when during dinner, Fran said she wanted to say something. She began saying I paid my son to not married her and actively tried to ruin their relationship.

She then said she was blessed that ‘evil hadn’t won’ and couldn’t wait to have a long and happy marriage. Everyone was silent and didn’t really know what to say.

My son approached me later to apologise and said she had twisted his words but it’s been constantly weighing on my mind as friends and family present all have different opinions.”

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