In the unlikely case you didn’t know, Corgis have the fluffiest, fuzziest, most spankable butts in all the dog world.

Search Instagram for Corgi butts and you’ll find proof of the floof EVERYWHERE.

Like this booty of floofiness!


Corgis are filled with charisma and cuteness. They have funny personalities and are a favorite of Britain’s Queen Elizabeth. She’s kept 30 of them over the decades of her monarchy, most of the dogs descendants of Susan, the original Royal Corgi she received as a gift from her parents on her 18th birthday.

But, for all you other Corgi butt fans out there, I bring you something that’s going to freak you out.

Corgi butt bread buns!

In Sapporo, Japan, the Utiwapayna bakery is making buns that look like Corgi buns. AND, not only are they filled with charisma and cuteness, they’re also filled with either jam or custard.

What’s more… people loved the buns so much that the bakery created PILLOWS out of them.

That’s right… and you can just pick them up straight from the bakery!

They look just like the fluffy butts we can’t get enough of. A glorious time to be alive, if I do say so myself!

This same bakery has shared other genius creations from their very talented bakers via their Twitter account.

Their koala buns look just as sweet.

But… have they gone too far with their kitty buns? You be the judge.

In fact, all of their breads and buns look tasty. Their apricot croissants appear positively mouth-watering

I know what you’re thinking: how and when can we go to Japan?

Haha, no but seriously… would you buy some of these cute butts? Let us know in the comments!