Ah, the clever joke. Everyone laughs at it and you feel smugly smart. But it wasn’t, like, correct correct.

More, like just technically correct. And, therein, lies the funny part.

Here are 13 smugly smart examples.

1. I Suppose…

I mean… why do people even think about these things? Seriously.

Better check the meter
byu/EX342 intechnicallythetruth

2. All the Jokes…

So… do they not like sports?

My local newspaper has jokes..
byu/Televsion intechnicallythetruth

3. Those are Technically Wings.

The most delicious kinds! Thanks internet!

4. You, Sir, are Correct.

Thank you Destiny! Any other official accounts want to be smart asses?

5. It Clearly Isn’t Always Beautiful.

Just ask Karl Marx! He wants ALL the companies.

6. In 1665, All There Was Was Bubonic Plague.

Apparently, there was also calculus and gravity.

7. Maybe They Should Call It Mystery Flavor.

Oh man… now she’s got me thinking about this.

8. But Look at It’s Sweet Face.

Seal Team Six ain’t nothing to f**k with.

9. Ask a Silly Question.

Buh buh buh buh buh… you’re blowing it.

10. Sundaes Are Snacks.

Honestly, that’s the sexiest thing they ever could have done.

11. Please Don’t Eat the Cook.

I mean… who eats turtles, though?

12. What Have You Done?

It’s a good assessment!

Well he’s kinda right
byu/Its_Gulag_time intechnicallythetruth

13. A Food Funny.

Mixed with the remnants of a goat’s stomach. So that’s fun!

Photo Credit: Reddit

Yeah. Not right in many ways, but not so off the mark either. But these kinds of jokes are pretty funny when they come to you.

Know any hilarious jokes? Know any kind of funny jokes?

Leave them in the comments! We need your intelligent, and weird, point of view.