If you happen to be a student or a teacher right now, you know that you’re going to be spending a lot of time on Zoom for your classes.

So you want it to be interesting, right? Yeah, that’s what these teachers did. They’re making sure that their students don’t get too bored during this unusual time…and they’re doing a great job!

Take a look.

1. This guy is great!


2. That’s Harry Styles!

3. In a tropical paradise.


4. This guy wins everything.

5. That would be helpful.

6. Big flex.

7. Will this sword work?

8. I like the looks of this.

9. Oh yes, they did!

10. Meet your new assistant.

11. A good little helper.

12. You get an A!

13. Close enough…

Kudos to these educators for going the extra mile.

Are you a student or a teacher? How are you dealing with having your classes online?

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