Estimates and definitions differ, but it’s safe to say there are well over eight million species of animals in this world.

And you know what? They’re all friggin’ weirdos. All of them. They might try to tell you otherwise, but they can’t talk, except for parrots, and that in itself is weird, so my case stands.

As further evidence of my position, here are twelve animals being weird.

12. The stare down

“Give me attention so I can properly ignore you, please.”

Any problems?
byu/boyroid inAnimalsBeingJerks

11. Attack of the cat

Don’t you just hate it when your cute new pet turns out to be one of those 5G conspiracy theorists?

Wife brought home a stray kitten we’ve been taking care of. She hates cell phones and constantly tries to bite them
byu/mcparksky inAnimalsBeingJerks

10. Being picky

“If not for eat, then why here?” – dog, probably

This is why I can’t grow raspberries anymore. My dog Max will pick them all off.
byu/trophyguy inAnimalsBeingJerks

9. Quite alarming

He’s trying to warn you, there’s a cat burglar in the house.

Worst. Alarm. Ever.
by inAnimalsBeingJerks

8. A wing and a prayer

Not sure why that mirror is such a bird hot spot but OK.

This is Sparta!
byu/jpatel35 inAnimalsBeingJerks

7. Pride in your work

“Look what I did! Look what I did!”

Well she learned to pee on the right spot, but she’s a bit of a show off.
byu/Hanninha09 inAnimalsBeingJerks

6. I can dig it

“Wat doing fren? Gettin’ me a heckin’ dirt.”

Let me dig this spot right next to you real quick
byu/rhythmandxyro inAnimalsBeingJerks

5. Change of mind

This is called “being literally any cat.”

How to annoy people.. Step 1: scratch at the door. Step 2: wait patiently for someone to get up and open the door. Step 3: look disinterested and walk away.
by inAnimalsBeingJerks

4. Are you mocking me?

Mr. Whiskers there is just biding his time…

Mockingbirds are so aggressive
byu/Apple_juice_hater inAnimalsBeingJerks

3. Like candy from a baby

Don’t you hop away from me when I’m talking to you.

byu/Tr0y_McClur3 inAnimalsBeingJerks

2. The pounce

“That’s for letting the bottom of my food bowl become visible, DAVE.”

having a good nap, i see
byu/Pedrica1 inAnimalsBeingJerks


1. Very driven

“Move over, we’re never gonna get there with you granny-driving like this.”

Move over, Dave. I’m driving. Actually just get out
byu/MemePlsNo inAnimalsBeingJerks

The evolutionary process is truly marvelous and dumbfounding, if only because it produced such adorable jerks as these.

Do you have a pet? What sorts of strange things do they do?

Tell us in the comments.