Everybody needs a little bit of wholesome sometimes. In fact, maybe even all the time. The WHOLE time. The whole time for wholesome. See what I did there?

I mean, sure, it’s not a good joke. It’s barely even a joke at all. But it’s wholesome. And you’re trying not to smile. And you need to stop that.

Give in to the positive. Breathe out for a minute. Let’s allow a little light in, through memes.

13. The chosen family

They’re all gonna be tweeting about this so much.

12. Handsome young man

Mooove over it’s my turn!

11. The look

“Are ya winning son? Life, I mean? Are ya winning life?”

10. It’s the thought that counts

Sometimes in comedy you can fail so hard that it’s funny again, so.

9. Give me compliments

I said’a give me compliments!

8. A listening ear

Eels are just kind of the sock puppets of the sea and I adore them for it.

7. We all make mistakes

It’s just a weird linguistic knee-jerk, don’t worry about it.

6. Mate

Mate, mate. Mate?

5. Pride and joy

Thanks, now I’m about to collapse.

4. Let it rain

That’s some perfection right there.

3. Figure it out!

Sure it’s common, but it was the first time YOU’D encountered it and you nailed it!

2. Shred it!

Mom said you have to pick a two player game.

1. Here, little one

It’s dangerous to go alone.

Have a wholesome day!

What’s something positive that’s happened to you lately?

Tell us about it in the comments.