Just 13 Funny Tweets About How High School Doesn’t Prepare You for College

The purpose of high school is supposed to be to help young people survive after graduation. Of course, these college students are finding that their K-12 education left them woefully unprepared to deal with some of the intricacies of university life.

Here are some funny tweets by college students who’ve observed some strange phenomena—and wonder why their schools didn’t prepare them for these issues!

13. This Big Dreamer

We need an update on this, please!

12. Seriously, Stop Now!

College debt AND college parking tickets! Oh no!

11. Before And After

Engineering isn’t easy!

10. C For Effort

At least he passed?

9. Group Projects Are Never Fun

Especially not like this!

8. Pet Chinchillas in Class?

You can’t say college students aren’t crafty!

7. Thank You, BTS

BTS is the answer to everything.

6. This Is True

And expensive, ouch!

5. Maybe He’s a Drama Major…

And future Oscar winner!

4. Never Ever Brag!

No one cares about your ACT score once you actually get to college.

3. Emailing Your Professors

It’s not like they grade you on class emails!

2. Yeah, It’s Expensive

The best years of your life come at a cost.

1. Remember, Life Comes At You Fast

Might as well have a sense of humor about it.

University students aren’t always living in the best of circumstances, but at least they try to look on the bright side.

Are there any other truths about life you didn’t get taught in school? Let us know how this affected you in college or at work!