Truth: dogs are great.

They’re our family, and in some cases they like to be the only fur-being in the house. You know, to suck up all the love and attention.

This was the case with Kevin.

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Have you ever been chewing on your favorite toy and your mom starts to nag on you like “Hey stop tearing that up!” Or “Don’t eat those pieces.” Or “You’re going to get your jaw stuck in the squeaker.”?… No? Just me? Okay cool, good talk. . . . #kevineugenestroup #kevinthelabradoodle #doodle #labradoodle #donteatthat #myfaceactuallydidgetstuck

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He was the center of Carleigh Johnson Stroup and her husband’s world. He enjoyed playing ball, sleeping with his humans, and getting all the pets and kisses for four lovely years.

Stroup told the Dodo, “Kevin is so sweet and loving. We can never lay down without him immediately laying down with one of us.”

Until that all changed…

Stroup and her husband decided it was time to expand the family. They adopted a cute and energized puppy named Lyle.

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So we see that Lyle has blue skin?! After googling “blue puppy skin” and getting a wild list of terrible diseases (im bad about that) I was freaking out, until We learned that this means he could possibly turn silver and I’m so excited! 😍 In other words, my son and I are going to have matching hair. . . . #doodlebros #doodle#labradoodlesofinstagram #doodlesofinstagram #labradoodle #pupper #doggo #silverhair

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But they forgot one important thing…to consult Kevin. Oops.

Kevin didn’t take to the new pup as seen in this hilarious video. Now Kevin would have to split his time with his humans and deal with the rambunctious nature of a puppy. Ruh-roh

“That’s absolutely his signature, ‘What. Have. You. Done.’ face,” Stroup told the Dodo.

But it doesn’t appear Lyle is caving to the cold shoulder anytime soon. He even invades Kevin’s bone time.

“He only wants to go where Kevin goes. He’s just absolutely obsessed with him.”

But like most reluctant pups, Kevin came around.

“Even after all of Lyle’s attempts at ruining Kevin’s peace and quiet, they’ve become inseparable,” Stroup said. “Kevin appreciates having a brother to hang out with when we are gone.”

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They do love each other, regardless of Kevin’s facial expressions. . . . #doodlebros #labradoodlesofinstagram #doodlesofinstagram #labradoodle #doodle

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I’m sure over time, Lyle will settle into his dog-dom and out of the hyper puppy stage. And Kevin will be there teaching him how to be the best brother in the world.

And as for his parent’s attention?

It appears there is plenty of love and pets to go around.