While most of us are struggling to furnish our overpriced apartments, Kourtney Kardashian’s three kids get to play in a $100,000 playhouse.

Kourtney gave a tour of the playhouse to Architectural Digest. Her children’s father, Scott Disick, built the house after Kourtney had been passively planning it for years.

“I have been talking about building a kid’s playhouse since Mason was super young. I’m talking, like, years and years ago where I used to go on blogs, I don’t even remember what blogs they were now, and I just have a folder of all these old photos,” Kourtney explained during her tour. “Nine years later, Scott was like, ‘I’m taking this into my own hands and I’m building the kids a playhouse.'”

The playhouse sits in Kourtney’s backyard. It’s sleek, modern, and sophisticated, yet still cozy and playful. It’s basically a kid’s dream come true.

The structure includes a lofted area and comfy seating. It’s screen-free, Kourtney says: “The kids wanted a TV and we were like, ‘No.’ There are books in there, and it’s cute for playing games. The biggest thing is to use your imagination and have time to relax. It’s a place to lounge and read books and play.”

There are also some personal touches, like a rocking horse that Kourtney has had since she was a kid. She says she and Scott picked out all of the decorations themselves.

To go along with the clean look, there are white rugs on the floor — a very brave choice for a children’s playhouse. Kourt explained that she has her “rugs cleaned an insanely abnormal amount of times.”

If only we could go back in time to age 5 and play in this thing.