Do you like your history with a side of weirdness?

I thought you might!

And guess what? I do, too!

So we got that going for us…

Enjoy these posts from the “Weird History” Twitter page. We think you’re gonna love them!

1. Well, isn’t that ironic?

The world works in mysterious ways.

2. They had to stay warm and they wanted to be colorful.

Russians aren’t exactly known for their cheery personalities.

3. They sure were clever, huh?

They don’t built them like they used to…

4. As good a place as any, I guess.

I hope he kept an eye on that thing when he took it off.

5. He was a real prankster.

Ben’s at it again!

6. It’s nothing new.

But why did a kid’s book have recipes for making booze? Very curious…

7. I bet you had no idea…

And neither did I!

8. Where did his head go?

They can’t seem to find it anywhere…

9. Imagine what kind of terror this would have spread…

It’s scary to think about.

10. I wonder what this lawsuit was all about.

Probably had something to do with a parking space.

11. This needs to make a comeback!

It’s all about body positivity, right?

12. I don’t think we need to use those anymore.

And I kind of feel bad for them…

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