Like any worried mother would, a cat brought her sick kitten to the emergency room. Although the hospital she chose in Instanbul was for people only, the medical staff  immediately mobilized.

Twitter user Merve Özcan posted the remarkable pictures and video where it went viral. The images included a team of emergency responders rendering aid as mom looked on.

Of course, no one wants to see a little kitten so sick. But, we’re floored the mom knew there would be someone at the hospital to help them. News outlets in Istanbul reported that staff at the hospital were only too glad to check out the little one for health problems. The concerned mother stayed as close as possible.

Photo Credit: Twitter

Hospital staff made sure she was comfortable with a little bowl of milk and a bit of food. Turks are famous for their love for cats and many people leave bowls of fresh water out for them in the warmer months and food in winter.

It’s no wonder this one knew she would get the help her baby needed if she took him to where people get well. After the doctors and nurses made sure the kitten wasn’t in immediate danger, they transported both animals to a veterinarian clinic for a proper check.

Photo Credit: Twitter

The story gripped the people of Instanbul and throughout Turkey. The fact that the mother knew she could put her precious little jelly bean in human hands is a testament to how well the country treats its strays.

While it was never made clear what was actually wrong, both mother and kitten are reported to be well and healthy. Sometimes, a mother just knows when something is wrong and will do whatever it takes to get assistance. And, maybe all was needed was a safe, clean place to get a nice meal and a little looking after.

Get your rest, mama. You did the right thing.