Baby names are a hot commodity. Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned … when someone threatens to steal the name she picked out for her unborn child.

One woman took the baby naming pettiness to an entirely new level when she found out her sister was adopting a child named “B,” the exact same name the woman was planning to use with her unborn baby. How dare she?

She wants to know if she’s the asshole for asking her sister to change her new adopted daughter’s name or … you know, just adopting a different child entirely. All because of the name.

You can read the dramatic saga below:

AITA for having an issue with my sister’s child’s name?

My sister S and I are identical twins. I’ve always felt like I’ve never been allowed to have my own things. We have rhyming names, my mom always tried to get us matching clothes, and we shared a bedroom. That’s never bothered S like it bothers me. She always wanted to do same activities as me and hang out with my friend group.

When we were 18, she applied to a few of the same colleges as me but she’s never been as good of a student and she didn’t get into my dream school and I did. I hid it but I was really excited. Ultimately, it was good for us that S went to a different college. Our relationship improved when I had my own space where I could be myself and not one of the interchangeable twins.

I went to graduate school so I didn’t get married until last year. After the wedding, we moved to my hometown to raise our kids close to family. S has been married for four years. Unfortunately, her husband SH is unable to have kids. They decided to adopt, which I think is fantastic.

I’m currently pregnant and having a girl. My husband and I spent a lot of time picking out the perfect name for our future child. I feel SO good about this name.

Yesterday, S and SH announced to the family (remotely) that they are officially about to adopt a little girl. They wanted a baby but ended up having to go with a slightly older kid, 5. She looks absolutely precious and I was so happy for a few seconds before they announced her name is B, the name that S KNOWS is my daughter’s.

I thought that was a joke so I kind of laughed. Then I realized they were serious. Obviously the girls can’t have the same name. Twins with daughters with the same name??? Everyone would laugh at us. I feel like all of my problems with S will repeat themselves as everyone compares the girls and lumps them together because they have the same name. They won’t be able to have a good relationship because of this. I don’t want people nicknaming my kid to distinguish her because I like the FULL name I chose. And I can’t help but suspect that S picked a kid with the same name on purpose just like she always wanted to be like me when we were kids.

I am planning to talk to S about the situation. One of us needs to change our kid’s name and I’m hoping she’ll be reasonable.

My kid will get here first (I’m almost at my due date) and I picked out the name first.

A lot of parents change their adopted kids’ names. They could do that.

If the kid won’t change her name, S and SH could go with a different kid. There are thousands upon thousands of orphans who need loving homes and 99.9999% of them don’t have this one particular name. They haven’t bonded with this one yet. I already have bonded with my baby and I can’t imagine her with another name.

TL;DR: My twin, who has always copied me, wants to adopt a kid with the same name as my baby. AITA for saying NO?

This is stressing me out and it’s NOT GOOD for my baby.

If you made it all the way to the bottom, then you already know Reddit straight up screamed ASSHOLE in this woman’s internet face.

I mean, the part about just finding another kid to adopt, as if they are expendable? Come on lady.

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People were pretty shaken up by this AITA thread:

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They were adamant about this woman’s asshole-ness:

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They also pointed out how much pain and suffering the 5-year-old girl has probably gone through:

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And changing her name might only add to the hardship she’s endured:

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This one’s pretty clear: she’s an asshole. Not only does she think that her sister can just pick another child, as if she’s stopping by the pet store, but she also wants them to change their new adopted daughter’s name for no real reason.

But of course you might feel differently.

Play devil’s advocate and make the case for why she’s not the asshole. Is there some argument the people of Reddit overlooked?

Let us know in the comments!