Since college, when he discovered his artistic calling, Jon Foreman of Pembrokeshire, Wales, has been in love with nature. And, where he lives in Wales, he can see miles of rugged and dramatic coastline.


In this space where sea and land meet, is where he chooses to work, combing the beaches for stones and arranging them in amazing patterns.


Since the area has an extensive coastline, a huge part of Foreman’s work revolves around the stones he finds near the sea.

Using everything from tiny pebbles to big rocks, the artist surprises beachgoers with mesmerizing arrangements.


Foreman told Bored Panda.

I create using many natural materials but stone has proven to be the material which I can manipulate best. Be it color, angle, shape, size, placement, spacing.

Typically, I either start with a rough idea of what I’d like to do or no idea whatsoever! Then I collect what I can carry and start by placing stone by stone, steadily losing myself in the process and disconnecting from the stress of everyday life.

He finds, in using the stones, endless ways to express himself with land art.

The landscape is always changing too. Connecting his mind and spirit with nature is therapeutic for him.


He participated in the 2018 Llano Earth Art Fest where he met other passionate about creating art with natural materials and spaces. Contrary to some controversial opinions, he and other artists respect the land and the creatures that live there.

They are very careful not to remove stones and other organics from their natural locations.


Moving stones around before they are taken back into the sea by the tide is much less disruptive than mining, building, clearing or other environmental activity, Foreman insists.

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Because his creations are stunning…


Are they’re definitely short-lived.


So enjoy the photos.


Because this art was not built to last.


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