Do the wives and husbands of military service men and women have it tough?


They are left alone for months or years at a time to handle the household and all the parenting. It’s no doubt a challenging and lonely life.

And, while many businesses offer military discounts on goods and services, it may not always extend to spouses.

Should it? Well, one spouse thought so!

After an evening in a bar, where she ordered a couple of glasses of wine, she was presented with her tab. (We are presuming she is a woman although we are unable to verify this as fact.) Instead of leaving a tip for the bartender’s service, she left a note saying since she’s a military spouse, she expects her drinks for free.

Photo Credit: Reddit

The receipt, which was screen grabbed from the spouse’s Snapchat, was posted in Reddit’s Choosing Beggars subreddit, where it went viral.

Notice she doesn’t waste her time with lousy 10 percent discounts, which is what is normally offered military personnel. She is clear about what she believes she’s entitled to—free alcohol. Then, not content to leave it with the bartender, she Snapchats about the incident.

We’re assuming she had a spectacularly horrible no-good day, and went to the bar with a friend to vent over a couple of glasses of wine, and was still aggravated she had to pay for her drinks on top of whatever else she was dealing with.

Photo Credit: Pexels

Still, it’s not a sustainable practice for businesses to give away merchandise, service, food, beverages or anything for free to military spouses. Members of the military don’t even get stuff for free.

What do you think? Should military spouses get to drink for free? Should they even get a discount?

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